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Flipper keeps your tank clean and your hands dry, products to make your hobby easier and more rewarding.

The highest quality for your aquarium needs!!!

Platinum Scraper

Platinum Scraper

Made from highly resistant fiberglass, these scrapers allow you to use old credit cards to clean your aquarium glass.

All platinum scrapers come with a plastic blade that can be used in both glass and acrylic aquariums.

Available in sizes:

- Nano 12”: 30 cm long. It also has a bushing that helps in cleaning your windows.

-  10”: 25 cm long.

- 18”: 45 cm long.

- 20”: 71 cm long.

A stainless steel blade can also be used, which allows for even better cleaning of calcareous algae. Use the stainless steel blade only in glass aquariums.

DeepSee Viewer

DeepSee Viewer

Perfect magnifying lens to view your animals up close and take incredible photographs.

Excellent for inspecting diseases and pests in your animals, and can be used in glass or acrylic aquariums.

Also purchase accessories such as the Orange Filter, which allows you to observe your animals in blue light or the Deepsee Viewer Spotlight, which is a flashlight with white and blue LEDs to observe your animals at night.

Available in sizes:

- Nano: 7.5 cm in diameter for aquariums with glass up to 10 mm. It has a focal length of 5 cm to 15 cm

- Standard: 10 cm in diameter for aquariums with glass up to 15 mm. It has a focal length of 7.5 cm to 20 cm.

- Max: 12.5 cm in diameter for aquariums with glass up to 15 mm. It has a focal length of 7.5 cm to 30 cm.


Take quality photos of the beautiful corals in your aquarium  It's never been so easy! Forget about having to change the color of your aquarium's light spectrum or put together complex lighting setups, the FLIP-KICK comes with two used professional-grade color photography lens filters 0000-000000000222_for creating more vivid colors, eliminating glare and reflections from the water and tank surface.


• All-in-one smartphone camera lens filter kit and holder

• Professional-grade lens camera filters

• Universally compatible with all the latest multi-lens phone cameras

and Tablets (IOS and Android) -- Lenses work in Standard and Macro mode for all phones with Multi-Lens camera

• Easily switch from Camera Filter to Kickstand

• Compact and stylish FL!PPER carrying case with zipper and clip

Kit Includes:

• Professional grade 1500K orange filter lens

• Professional grade 2000K yellow filter lens

• Lens Holder/Magnetically Attached Bracket

• 2 fixing discs for mounting on various devices

• FL!PPER Protective Case with Clip

Flip Mitt

Flipper-MITT Cleaning Glove

Flip Mitt

"The best all-purpose cleaning glove!"

An exclusive double-sided cleaning glove features a soft, extra absorbent cloth on one side and a high-quality microfiber cloth on the other.

The fabric side of the FLIP-MITT is perfect for absorbing light spills and general cleaning while the microfiber side is great for scratch-free polishing of glass or other smooth surfaces.

The FLIP-MITT comes in a two-pack that is hand or machine washable. Works great for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Appliances, Aquariums, Terrariums, Windows, cars, glasses, countertops, furniture, showers, floors and more!

Flipper Frag Station




Frag station1.JPG
Frag station2.JPG
Frag station3.JPG

Flipper Frag Station is a coral shelf with magnetic attachment developed for most types of coral plugs and can be used in glass and acrylic aquariums. Accommodates approximately 14 coral seedlings. Recommended for glass up to 10mm.

In Black and Blue/Black colors

Flip Float

Pico Flipper

For glass/acrylic aquariums up to 6 mm thick.

2-in-1 Magnetic Cleaner/Scraper for quick daily algae removal. It has an abrasive bushing on one side and a blade for scraping algae on the other, ideal for small aquariums.

Float Flipper

2-in-1 Floating Magnetic Cleaner/Scraper for quick daily algae removal. It has an abrasive bush on one side and a blade on the other to scrape off the most difficult algae.

The side of the blade has only 3 points of contact, leaving a safety space between the glass and the cleaner, minimizing the chance of a grain of sand getting caught and consequently ending up scratching the glass of your aquarium.

Available in sizes:

- Nano: For glass up to 6mm thick. Comes with stainless steel blade for glass aquariums.

- Standard: For glass up to 12 mm thick. Comes with stainless steel blade for glass aquariums and plastic blade for acrylic aquariums.

- Max: For glass up to 19 mm thick. Comes with stainless steel blade for glass aquariums and plastic blade for acrylic aquariums.

Flipper Power Kit


Flipper Power Kit

The Flipper Power Kit turns any magnetic Flipper Cleaner into a versatile power station!

The unique Sealed Feed Tube creates an air/fluid level below the surface of the water, allowing slow release of food anywhere in your aquarium and can help with local feeding of shy bottom-dwelling creatures.

The greens clip easily attaches to the felt side of any Flipper Cleaner for mobility anywhere in your tank.

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