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We are importers and distributors of aquarium products, providing exclusive service to stores in the sector. In 2017, Reef Point was founded, with the goal of providing products and equipments to the market with excellence and quality. We import and distribute products and equipment from some of the world's leading manufacturers

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MISSION: Making aquariums more accessible every day, with ethics and respect for customers and the environment. Develop and always seek new technologies contributing to the development of aquarium hobby. Guarantee the satisfaction of our customers by offering efficient service, fair prices, quality products, agile logistics, highly qualified technical support, making use of the best technology available. Trained professionals with love and affection for the hobby, who share our vision, mission and values.

VISION: To become a reference company in the import and distribution of aquarium and pet products, always seeking the new trends for the Brazilian market.

VALUESRespect; Commitment; Ethics, Integrity and Honesty; Innovation; Team work; Love for the hobby.


In 2017, Reef Point was founded, with the aim of supplying high-quality fish, corals and marine invertebrates to the aquarium market.
We have a technical team with
 veterinarians and biologists with extensive experience in the field. Over the years we have become exclusive representatives and distributors of the following brands:
- ReeFlowers: supplements for freshwater aquariums, marine aquariums and ponds;
- Marco Rocks: premium natural rocks for saltwater aquariums;
- Flipper: High quality magnetic cleaners and accessories for all types of aquarium;
- Illumagic: LED Lighting with high luminous efficiency for saltwater and planted aquariums;
- Colombo: tests and supplements for freshwater, marine and ponds.

- AcquaPro: Own Product Line (with exclusive distribution) for Marine, Fresh and Planted Aquariums such as: Protein Skimmers, Pumps, LED Lights, Gravels, Rocks, Woods, Bonsai.

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