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The main differences between aquarium lighting and indoor lighting are the quality and quantity of light. Illumagic not only introduces LED components of specific wavelengths to achieve full-spectrum light, but also develops the “Automatic Light Control (ALC)” system for personal light programming purposes. Through programmable software, consumers can simulate the change of light from sunrise to sunset in their aquarium tanks, giving adequate quality and quantity of light according to the light demand of the creatures kept in the tanks. LEDs are also characterized by their low radiation heat compared to most traditional lighting products such as T5, T8 and MH. This can save even more energy in operating chillers and therefore reduce the expense of maintaining a tank. In every X Series luminaire, each LED cluster is equipped with a specially designed optical lens made from optical-grade silicone. Unlike those commonly used by other rival products which are made of plastic, our optical lens made of silicone enables very high light transmission >365nm and is very stable under temperature <300°C. This makes the lens really durable under the high temperature and illumination conditions of the highest energy actinic lights. short wavelengths (400-420nm). No yellowing issues will be observed with the optical lenses installed in any X Series luminaire and this implies that there will be no diminution of light due to aging of the optical lens. Due to the unique characteristics of this optical lens, the X Series is capable of transmitting a greater proportion and intensity of 400-420 nm lights that are beneficial for the synthesis of coral fluorescent proteins. The XMini luminaire comes with a Pendant KIT and has a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects in both the luminaire and the source.


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