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Due to the relatively small amount of water in most lakes, it is difficult to achieve a biological balance unless we help keep the lake healthy. The correct water quality is of great importance, however fish and decomposing organic waste, such as decaying plants and leaves, constantly pollute the water. The diagram explains how the most important processes occur in the lagoon.


FILTERSTARTIt is a bacteria starter for new and existing ponds. In the spring and after maintenance, the biological balance needs to be reestablished. The live bacteria in FilterStart will help make the filter work as quickly as possible.

The heterotrophic bacteria ofCLEAN SLUDGE quickly decompose sludge and organic waste. The result is a clean lake and filter and therefore fewer problems with algae and water quality.

ACTIVATOR is a plant biocatalyst. The unique plant extracts increase the activity of beneficial bacteria in Filterstart. This helps achieve the desired effects of the bacteria.

Through research we were able to develop a liquid phosphate remover. Just addPHOSPHATE to water and the phosphates will be removed.

8715897043772 COLOMBO BACTUUR ACTIVATOR 1000 ML 3D.png

ACTIVATOR activates the growth of bacteria in ponds. The activation of bacteria will favor the growth of nitrifying bacteria whose performance will be significantly improved, which will result in faster start-up of new filters (when combined with Bactuur Filter Start), improved water quality, reduction of toxic substances and harmful bacteria. Colombo Bactuur Activator also reduces algae growth.

8715897205767 COLOMBO PHOSPHATE X 1000ML_100.000L 3D.png

PHOSPHATE X provides a liquid treatment to optimally reduce and remove phosphates from your pond. High Phosphate and Nitrates can cause excessive growth of unsightly algae. Algae problems can be prevented through the use of Colombo Phosphate X, which removes this vital nutrient needed for algae to thrive and grow.

8715897025990 COLOMBO BACTUUR CLEAN 1000ML 3D.png

CLEAN SLUDGE It is suitable for cleaning as well as maintaining your garden pond and filter. Each milliliter contains 100 million live bacteria. The bacteria present in Bactuur Clean very effectively decompose the sludge accumulated at the bottom of your pond and in your filter and, in addition, maintain the biofilm on the filter. Bactuur Clean is therefore ideal for maintaining your garden pond and its filter.

8715897025969 COLOMBO BACTUUR FILTER START 1000ML 3D.png

FILTER START is a bacteria activator designed for new ponds or filter startups.
At the beginning of spring and after each cleaning, you should put bacteria in your garden pond filter.
Live bacteria decompose organic waste and eliminate ammonia and nitrites.

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