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SQ Nano series
bubble diffusion technology
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SQ Nano series skimmers
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This type of skimmer has silent and safe operation, in addition to being able to remove protein residues from the aquarium with total efficiency. The body is small and robust with an innovative bubble plate that reduces protein waste. Design innovative to provide high stable performance of the pump that features needlewell impeller. It has a compact reaction chamber body which means better efficiency in removing dissolved proteins and organic residues. It is flexible and convenient with its water outlet valve that can be quickly adjustable.
Cleaning the cup can be done easily as it is completely detachable like the rest of the SQ series body.
Main Features:
Special design for mini type, suitable for small aquarium.
Water level control Rotate, fully detachable body which makes cleaning easier.
Innovative design, compact dimensions, excellent performance and power.
Bivolt electronic DC pump.

Red Starfish skimmers have a 1-year warranty from the date of
purchase against manufacturing defects (acrylic) and DC pump.
Items such as impeller, power source and other spare parts
do not include the warranty. We will take responsibility for the products,
as long as it is installed and used correctly according to the manual
installation. If violation, opening or any other form of
If used incorrectly, the product will automatically void the warranty.

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