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DC pump
Controllable Series DC Pumps
bomba de recalque Seapro

The SEAPRO DC Water Pump Control stands out for its efficiency, economy  and several functions to help control your aquarium.

Technology brings many benefits, in our aquariums this is no different with the SEAPRO DC Water Pump Control Series from AcquaPro. are known around the world for their high efficiency and low energy consumption. Another great advantage of this pump is its low operating temperature, below are some more features of this wonderful product...

AcquaPro importer and distributor of aquarium products and equipment

Main features
  1. Controllable flow;
  2. DC 24V Bivolt pumps;
  3. Simple operation and control;
  4. Separate motor and driver;
  5. Low consumption (up to 65% savings);
  6. Can be used in fresh or salt water;
  7. High efficiency motor with advanced frequency control;
  8. Memory function, in the event of a power outage, the pump does not lose its programming;
  9. Engine protection if the Impeller is blocked;
  10. With smart chip that turns off the pump in case of lack of water;
  11. Anti-corrosion ceramic shaft, ultra silent and extremely durable.
  12. Amphibious Body, the bomb can be used inside      or out of the water.
DC pump
Pump body
Power supply
Accessory(see below)
2 meter power cable
Controller power plug
Controller connection plug x pump
Connection kit: 3 toe caps, 1 nut, 1 sealing ring and 1 anti-vibration foam
bomba de recalque Seapro
bomba de recalque Seapro
bomba de recalque Seapro
  1. The maintenance

  2. Always, before carrying out maintenance or any handling of the pump, disconnect it from the electricity supply;

  3. The user must inspect the impeller periodically for obstructions and premature wear;

  4. The pump must be cleaned with water and a brush to remove accumulated residue;

  5. Replace any damaged parts with original parts only.

Instructions for use
  1. Download the Instruction Manual to have complete access to SEAPRO pump instructions for use
  1. Never operate the pump out of water;
  2. Never hold the pump or lift it by the power cable or controller cable;
  3. Only use the pump when it is completely submerged in water;
  4. Never use the pump in liquids over 35 degrees;
  5. Never drop the pump, controller or power source;
  6. Always protect the controller and power source from any contact with water or humidity;
  7. If the socket is below the level of the pump, bend the cable as shown in the image below to prevent water from running down the cable and wetting the socket, causing a short circuit.
bomba de recalque Seapro
bomba de recalque Seapro
Power Plug
bomba de recalque Seapro
bomba de recalque Seapro
  1. This pump is equipped with an electronic device that will automatically turn off the pump in 1 minute if it does not detect water. To reset the pump, unplug it and plug it back into the power socket;

  2.  This pump is manufactured to work continuously and silently, if you notice any abnormal noise, noise or vibration, turn off the pump immediately, check that the connections are correct and inspect again if there is any damaged part or dirt obstructing the inlet/impeller;

  3.  Liquids with particles, such as sand, will cause premature wear of the impeller, the impeller can be easily replaced. (Ask one of our authorized resellers);

  4.  To ensure the correct use of this product, please read the instructions for use carefully before operation, and keep the manual for possible consultations and warranty purposes;

  5.  To avoid electric shock, always handle the plug with dry hands, never connect the plug if it is wet;

  6.  Make sure the voltage and frequency (Hz) are the same as those in your region;

  7.  For perfect pump cooling, keep it submerged;

  8. Operation must always be supervised by an adult;

  9.  Do not use the pump deeper than 1.5 meters;

  10.  Do not use viscous liquids.

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