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The X4 Series LED luminaires are designed to serve as the main lighting source for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. The X4 Series comes in one size. Each X4 luminaire is made up of 4x LED clusters powered at 120W in total. You can control and program light settings via a built-in Bluetooth control module by downloading the "imOS CRX Plus" app from Apple Store and Google Play.
The X4's LEDs are assigned to three different channels according to their characteristics and functions.

Illumagic X4 SW PRO 120W

LED light for marine aquariums with Bluetooth control via app. Recommended coverage area: 
- Aquario Softs and LPS: 75x75x60
- LPS and SPS aquarium: 60x60x60
- Full SPS Aquarium: 45x45x45


For saltwater aquariums, the SW Pro is suitable for SPS-dominated tanks that include shallow and deep water coral species.
In addition to the iconic 400 and 420nm that we widely use in all our product series, two different green lights (505nm Cyan / 525nm Green) and two different red lights (630nm Red / 660nm Hyper Red) are included in a suitable proportion that makes fuller light spectrum than other saltwater version fixtures we've had before. Green lights are believed to enhance the color performance of yellow and orange corals, while red lights are believed to be beneficial for the synthesis of red pigments that are commonly found
in corals of shallow water species. The decreased white LED ratio on the X4 SW Pro also encourages users to use the light at full power condition.

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